The Texas Legislature declared Wills Point the Bluebird Capital of Texas on February 7, 1995.  Nine Wills Point residents made the trip to Austin including “Mr. Bluebird” himself.

Former District Representative Bob Glaze and former District 2 Senator David Cain sponsored the concurrent resolution.  The resolution came after the Annual Audubon bird count revealed that Wills Point was host to more bluebirds than any other area in Texas for 11 consecutive years.

The resolution noted that “the heroic effors of the Wills Point Wilderness Society; working with the National Bluebird Recovery Program, were successful when the National Audubon Society recently determined that the community has hosted more bluebirds than any other area in Texas.  It went on to say “the Wills Point Community’s efforts to preserve the bluebird population in Northeast Texas is truly commendable, and the annual Bluebird Festival is a splendid addition to the state’s roster of recreational opportunities”.

The discovery was a serendipitous one for members of the Wills Point Wilderness Society, a group of nature lovers who came together in 1993 to explore mutual interests about nature, wildlife, and especially, birding.  The group’s founder, Bill Mack Kinney, set out on a mission to save bluebirds from what could have been a serious decline in population.

The Society then turned to the local farmers and ranchers asking to place bluebird boxes on area fences.  Today, the Wilderness Society continues to maintain bluebird boxes dispersed throughout the area.