Year 2008 (Est) 2000 Census 1990
City 3,895 3,496 2,986
County 52,403 48,140 37,922

Water Supplier
Source Lake Tawakoni
Max. Daily Sys. Capacity 1,872,000 Gallons
Max. Daily Use to Date 1,400,000 Gallons
Pressure on Main 62 psi
Storage Capacity 950,000 Gallons
Size of Mains 2-12″
Master Plan No
System Looped Yes

City Government
Type General Law
Number of Council 6
Municipal Police 9
Paid Firefighters 0
Volunteer Firefighters 30
City Zoning Body Yes
Master Plan No

Sewer System
Treatment Plan Types Aero-Mod. Activated Sludge
Maximum Capacity 4,000,000 Gallons
Max. Daily Use to Date 1,000,000 Gallons

Tax Rate (per $100 Assesed Value-2007)
Van Zandt County $ 0.355330
Wills Point City $ 0.700000
Wills Point ISD $ 1.110000


$ 2.165330

Municipal Sales Tax 1.00%
State Sales Tax Rate 6.25%
Economic Development Tax 0.50%
Other Sales Tax 0.50%



Telephone Services


Digital Available Yes
Analog Available Yes
Electomechanical Yes
Make & Model AT&T 3 ESS
Software Level N/A
Fiber Optics Yes
Switched 56 Kbps No
High Capacity Digital (T-1) Yes
Digital Data Service Yes
911 Available Yes
Other Network Services High Speed Broadband Available

Electric Energy Delivery

Oncor Electric Deliver

Reliability 99.9854631
Transmission Voltage 69KV, 138KV, 345 KV
Service Voltage 120/208, 120/240, 240/480, 277/480

Natural Gas

Center Point Energy

BTU Content Per Cubic Foot


Dallas/Fort Worth International

Runway Length 29,000′
Runway Surface Concrete
Lighted Yes
Fuel Yes
Instrument Landing System (ILS) Yes

Tyler Pounds Field

Runway Length 7,200′
Runway Surface Asphalt
Lighted Yes
Fuel Yes
Instrument Landing System (ILS) Yes

Wills Point Municipal

Runway Length 3,250′
Runway Surface Asphalt
Lighted Yes
Fuel No
Instrument Landing System (ILS) Yes

Airports Within 1 Hour

International DFW
Regional Tyler Pounds Field
Municipal Wills Point Municipal